About Street Styles 4 All

About SS4A

Street Styles 4 All (SS4A) was created with a goal to help people learn how to dance/Street Dance in the best way possible.

Rob (Smoov Groove), SS4A founder, has been teaching since 2003 in London. Rob was the one first on the dance floor and got everyone else up dancing, so he was asked to teach a class at his university for free. It was then he knew that THIS is what he wanted to do.  He went to a Street Dance competition in 2005 in France (on his own) called Juste Debout, as his passion desired more.  It was there he saw Street Dancers with talent, energy and spirit like never before. It was this experience that helped fuel the mission to create a similar scene in his home town and now online. When he finished his degree he headed back home and started 3 classes, built his first 1 page website under the brand name “Hip Hop 4 All” (later changed to Street Styles 4 All) and the journey begun…

Classes that were originally for adults ended up turning into a whole Street Dance school from ages 5+, which he runs with his wife Chloe.  They frequently traveled to London, and all over the UK to teach regular weekly classes, private classes and workshops.

Street Styles 4 All also spent a lot of time producing Street Dance DVD’s but then built the Online Street Dance Courses and Lessons for even easier learning.

Qualified Teaching

Our instructors have traveled the world and sought teaching from the pioneers and creators of the different Street Dance Styles. We would highly recommend doing the same.  However, we have done the hard work so you can learn without having to travel. We are also among the first schools to have a recognized NVQ Street Dance Qualification. 

Built with Passion

We do not claim to be the best in the world at dancing. We do not claim to have created these styles and moves. Our specialty is teaching those that can’t dance. We know how to break moves down to their simplest form so that it can appeal to ALL people. From our experience of going to many dance classes and workshops is that they are very rarely aimed at complete beginners. We do not recommend that learning online to be the ONLY way you should learn how to dance. You should try out classes, and go to the clubs and have fun!!!