Can you teach your self rhythm?

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Can you teach yourself rhythm?

rhythmOne of our specialist areas is teaching complete beginners how to dance. I (Rob, the course instructor) have taught thousands of complete beginners how to dance. I have had countless private classes with people who can’t “nod their head to the beat” or even walk to the beat of the music. There are MANY people out there who simply do not know what to do when it comes to dance and don’t know where to start.

One of the more modern ways is to go to YouTube and type “dance lessons for beginners” and sift through the MANY videos and learn bits and pieces here and there. That is a great way to learn but there are many limitations, one of which being the way the world is and what people have come to expect. People are looking for “quick fixes”, ways to cut corners, to get to the destination as quick as possible with the least amount of effort. I am guilty of wanting this, and there is nothing really wrong with it a part from the fact that it can lead to disappointment and possibly prevent you from reaching your goals if you do not have the determination to fight through the “failure”. This means that a dance tutorial may only be a few minutes long, contain adverts, get straight to the point, brush over things that complete beginners won’t be able to do and then show how it is meant to be done – where the standard of the demonstration is much higher than that of a complete beginner. This is no good to the complete beginner dancer so many complete beginners end up going out to the club STILL without the knowing what to do or how to do it.

Complete beginners want to learn the PURE BASICS – how to move a shoulder, where to step, how fast etc, and not feel embarrassed about asking questions no matter how simple or pointless they expect their question to sound. It is these things that matter and I can confidently say that you 100% can teach yourself rhythm. It just takes time, practice, and the ability to take small steps of progression – even if those steps are microscopic.

This journey will transform your life in many ways, as soon as you LEARN the ability to have control of your body and express it even at a very modest and formal level you will start unlocking doors you didn’t know exist with confidence that you always thought spoke a different language to you.

The people who say you can’t learn rhythm just don’t understand the process.

It is time to dance and turn the 2 left feet into a left and right foot. We have put all of our private class knowledge, all of our 10+ years of teaching complete beginners how to move groove and improve. We have created the world’s first online dance learning management suite where you can track your course/lesson progress and learn our thorough lessons to get you up and moving on the dance floor. Our site is called “How to Street Dance” but to even begin learning the cool Street Dance moves you must learn the basics of dance, and this, is suitable for everyone.

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Smoov Groove

Rob is the owner of Street Styles 4 All (SS4A), married to his wife Chloe. Follows Jesus (not on twitter), runs a Street Dance school. Rob also known as "Smoove Groove" runs the online courses at SS4A and is passionate Street Dance and about teaching Street Dance.

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