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Hat Tricks and Popping with Smoov

During this June Half Term Street Dance Boot Camp Mr Smoov Groove is teaching the following workshops, Hat Tricks, Popping Beginners and Intermediate.

Beginners Hat tricks – Learn the tricks smoov does in class
Beginners Popping – Arm, leg, neck, chest drills, routine, basic freestyle
Intermediate Popping – Drills level 2, indepth routine and freestyle

WEDNESDAY 31st MAY 2017 at S3 Studios

Smoov Groove

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Smoov Groove

Rob is the owner of Street Styles 4 All (SS4A), married to his wife Chloe. Follows Jesus (not on twitter), runs a Street Dance school. Rob also known as "Smoove Groove" runs the online courses at SS4A and is passionate Street Dance and about teaching Street Dance.

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