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Hat Tricks and Popping with Smoov

a couple of years ago

During this June Half Term Street Dance Boot Camp Mr Smoov Groove is teaching the following workshops, Hat Tricks, Popping Beginners and Intermediate.

Beginners Hat tricks – Learn the tricks smoov does in class
Beginners Popping – Arm, leg, neck, chest drills, routine, basic freestyle
Intermediate Popping – Drills level 2, indepth routine and freestyle

WEDNESDAY 31st MAY 2017 at S3 Studios

Smoov Groove

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Smoov Groove

Rob is the owner of Street Styles 4 All (SS4A), married to his wife Chloe. Follows Jesus (not on twitter), runs a Street Dance school. Rob also known as "Smoove Groove" runs the online courses at SS4A and is passionate Street Dance and about teaching Street Dance.

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