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Jutsu and Kweli Boot Camp

What an amazing experience we had on Monday. Not only did we have the UK Popping Champuin Jutsu teach an amazing Popping, Waving, Tutting, Gliding workshop, but we also had the Movie star and amazing Street Dancer/Choreographer Ukweli, who you may know as “Jay” from the UK Movie

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The workshops were action packed. Ukweli taught a choreography piece from his latest routine, which was a mixture of styles from the Big Easy era, smooth criminal, Hip Hop and others.

Ukweli taught from a position of great wisdom and knowledge of Street Dance, Hip Hop dance, Performing and Choreographing. He gave great insight into how to perfect the routines, what to do, what not to do.


The trouble is he makes it look so easy, but in actual fact it is not. That shows someone who really know s their craft!


Jutsu, as always, provided a fun, jam packed class full of knowledge and wisdom of Popping. He broke it down in a way that made it seem easy, and this is great especially as Popping is a very complex and mentally challenging style of dance.

He broke down the basics, the techniques, body control drills and so much more. He took plenty of time to help the students with their dancing and he even battled our crew leader Fran!


It was an amazing day and we look forward to having them both down again in the future.

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