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How to Operate at a Higher Level in Life, in Business, Wherever

We all want to be successful in life, I would say that is safe to say.  If you were achieving 68% of your potential what would you say if I said “would you like to achieve 90% or even higher?”.

The obvious answer is yes.

Reaching your limit

We are human, again that is safe to say! We therefore have flaws. We can sometimes be arrogant, we can sometimes be rude, we can sometimes overlook something right in front of our face. We also have the potential (and often reach that potential) when it comes to being THE one thing to prevent us from reaching those higher levels.  We can also be full of pride.

What am I getting at here? In life you have to deal with people. Whether it is your families, colleagues, clients, friends and so on. How we deal with these people and the decisions we make when dealing with them directly influence the level that we operate in life. I am not going to go on about what not to do, but I will give you one way to operate at a higher level. The one word I am talking about is synergy.

Dictionary definition of synergy:”the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.”

Have you ever whitenessed ambulance staff or accident and emergency staff work throughout an emergency? They work synergistically. They all work together and by everyone providing an equal amount of give and take, help and support, leading and following they are able to reach the highest levels they can teach at that moment in time. Now imagine if just one of those workers was obsessed with people seeing them perform rather than the wanting overall success for the whole group, what would happen? The focus would be lost and the desired outcome may still have been achieved but instead of achieving 100% of the potential successful outcome level it may have been 70% achieved.

Why is this important?

Good question. It comes down to the main question, do you want to achieve a higher level in business or in life? Do you want to higher the standards of yourself? If so then. This is very important.

During potential synergistic scenarios emotions and senses are very alert. Being synergistic requires trust in that the person giving their attention, help, focus etc can trust that they will not be used and taken for granted. Synergy in the hands of a manipulative person creates a negative biased and evil scenario. It is crazy to think the the same group of people can eithe achieve great levels or it can go very very much the other way.


If you are going to try and be synergistic then you should take on the responsibility of a synergistic person. Synergy requires trust and the saying that trust can take years to build and be lost in a blink of an eye is very true, so you must guard it and use it wisely.

How to be synergistic or create a synergistic environment

You must not be attached to a desired outcome other than one that is achieved by the persons present. You must have a mind like water and adapt and focus on the needs of others whilst humbly including your input when necessary, not forcing it upon others.

Being synergistic means to be fully and completely satisfied if you are the person with the most responsibility or the person with the least. The person with the least responsibility has just as much importance as the person with the most, in a synergistic view of life.

For the highest level in life there needs to be roles of all shapes and sizes. They cannot exist without each other, and they are all as important. Even if you say and do nothing because your moment had not come, is actually just as important as the person who has the best idea. If people with amazing ideas all talk at once noting gets achieved.

When I was in school, I took drama for one of my exams. I happened to be one of the few people who had good ideas and I carried a few of the people in my group. We got a good job done. In a way it was synergistic because we all worked together but I had most of the ideas and people followed. When I went to college it was full of people who had ideas. Great! But it wasn’t always great. The ideas only came and grew when we were synergistic. Sometimes nothing got done because of the egos preventing us from giving our focus and help – we were the cause of not achieving a higher level.

At university I happened to be surrounded by many talented people, and we used to get together and have fun and mess around doing things like beat boxing and freestyle rapping for a joke. Every now and again we would all try and create a beat together with one person doing a noise and another person doing another noise/sound. Every now and then we would produce moments of genius and creative brilliance making a beat and music together on the spot that sounded amazing. When we all finished we all looked at each other and our expressions were like “that was amazing”. It happened because we were intensely focused on achieving a higher goal together and it didn’t matter if one of us had a larger role worth one of us was just making a silly noise every 10 seconds.

The video below is a really good illustration of this point but with singing.

This is one of the very rare moments in life where people who are complete strangers can come together join the focus the consciousness of spirits their imagination and everything together and create a higher outcome then they could achieve individually. The guy who was playing on his own at the beginning was doing an amazing job. But he could not have achieved the next part of the video on his own. Also if the people who took part towards the end had an agenda where they wanted to be more in the spotlight it would not have worked and it would have been very different outcome.

>We have to believe that these kind of events can happen. If you have never witnessed any of these events or taking part in any of these events that may be hard for you to believe that such magic and high levels of life can be achieved, but they can.

Have you ever been in a synergistic scenario?

Have you ever had anything like this happen to you or have been a part of anything like this?

Please let me know I would love to know leave me a comment below.

Rob (Smoov Groove)

Smoov Groove

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Smoov Groove

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