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Street Styles 2016 DVD

Hi everyone.  Been a while since we last posted here, as so much has been going on. We will hopefully have multiple bits of BIG news to reveal soon!

We recently received the DVD from the distribution company and we thought it looked great, but were underwhelmed by the quality of the footage on the whole.

We have had quite a few discussions in the office as to why, and the outcome was the following:

  • We used the same camera as last year, with the same settings
  • The Congress camera platform is quite a bit further back than the Winter Gardens
  • The stage is larger, meaning we could not zoom in as far otherwise people would be cut off from the sides. So being further back + not being able to zoom, meant not as much detail could be seen.
  • They used an extremely bright spotlight, which we specifically asked them not to, as it costs in the region of £150.  This spotlight made any individuals where it was used appear as GLOWING! At the beginning of the DVD when Alex comes out on stage you will see the normal spotlight which we are used to, and then they crank up the light and he disappears under the light.  We asked the stage production team for some specific spotlights and they assured me all would be fine.  We didn’t notice until we watched the footage back as they kept turning the spotlight on and off.
  • The quality of DVD’s is always worse on the DVD than in the editing suite as you have to compress all the footage to fit, as well as the slideshow photos (which we were really impressed with)
  • The rumble from the bass from the speakers actually affected the cameras focus when tracks with lots of bass were used.
  • Our close up camera broke down and the memory card failed (during the first act).  I pressed record, all was good, then received en error when I collected it during the interval….

With this DVD, it is not great footage. But it is better than nothing.  We were so used to the Winter Gardens that we didn’t foresee these things happening.

The DVD  is more for the memories and so that you HAVE something to remember and we want you to be happy.  If, however, you are not completely happy feel free to return it for a refund.

Lessons have been learned for next year or when are at the Congress again (as they are closing the theatres for about 18 months).

It was an EPIC show, celebrating 10 years, and we thank you for your continued support.


Smoov Groove

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