Street Styles 2015 - Street Dance Performance Show in Eastbourne

Street Styles 2018 – Street Dance Performance Show in Eastbourne

Every year we hold Eastbournes BIGGEST and BEST Street Dance show. The theatres are closed for refurbishment so we are currently waiting for a date from the theatres. When we get a confirmed date we will post it here.

Date: Saturday 17th February 2018
Location: Eastbourne College Theatre, Old Wish Road
Matinee Time:
Evening Show Time:
Details: This years show will be help in the newly refurbished Theatre at the Eastbourne College.

There will be merchandise on sale and opportunity to pre order the show DVD

AFTER PART will be after the evening show. Come and stay and have a boogie!

Ticket info: You can buy tickets by clicking here:

Or you can buy them when you come along to class

£10 adults and £8 (15 and under)

To reserve your exact seats it costs £1 – seating plan available at the studio